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Small Projects, Small Claims, and Huge Risks

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When seemingly minor claims crop up, it can be tempting to simply write a check without notifying your insurance carrier or obtaining an appropriate release of claims. In this seminar, we’ll review the hidden risks of doing so, which include cost and scope-creep for that claim and future claims, denial of insurance coverage and what can be crippling legal fees associated with defending yourself. We will also explore the pervasive myths that surround small or “low-risk” projects examining what happens when A/E firms relax their client and project selection criteria or their contracting protocols for small projects, whether in terms of scope or fee, or project types that have traditionally been considered low-risk. Learn from examples of small projects gone wrong, and review the practice and project management strategies that can help avert claims and minimize their impact on your firm when they do arise.

Join Karen Erger and Eric Singer as they bust the myths associated with fender bender or seemingly small claims, so-called low risk projects, hand shake contributions to change orders and the bad bet that a client will not sue over something so small. 

Learning Objectives:

  • -           Identify the risks associated with so-called low risk projects;
  • -           Form and implement policies and strategies for response to requests for contribution to change order claims;
  • -           Form and implement policies and strategies for insurance claim reporting;
  • -           Identify the need for written settlement or release agreements in smaller claims; 


Product Details:
Author(s): Erger Karen
Singer Eric L.

Year Published: 2015

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