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Successful Teams: Analyzing Your Organization Structure for Strategic Success (Spring 2016)

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Every organization has an official organization chart that indicates reporting structures and how the organization is intended to operate.  However, the actual operations and unofficial reporting structures are generally quite different from what is assumed is occurring.  This mismatch often exists because organizations are not designed to support successful collaboration and teaming.  In this session, the background around organization networks and successful teams is used as a foundation to introduce techniques that enable organizations to determine both how operations are actually being undertaken as well as how to modify the organization to enhance the opportunity to exceed expectations of teams.  Based on a decade of analyzing and supporting organizations of all sizes, this session provides managers and executives with the understanding of how organization networks can either support or disrupt successful operations.  The session will focus on three specific learning objectives:

  • Provide an understanding of organization networks and their effects on successful teams
  • Provide an introduction to Social Network Analysis as a tool to understand organization teams
  • Provide a benchmark comparison of how organizations compare to different size and types of engineering organizations
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