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Leaders Can Change: A Case Study

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AEC firms struggle with leaders who are both technically strong and emotionally intelligent.  If you’re technically strong, you have the respect of peers and clients for producing great work.  But if you’re not adept at working with people and building your team, people will not want to follow you and your path to leadership will be difficult.  It’s a classic struggle in firms looking for leaders who are balanced.  AEC leadership coach, Leo MacLeod, hosts this discussion with Terry Krause, an architect and principal, Mackenzie, a multi-disciplinary firm in Portland, Oregon.  Terry will share his personal story of how he successfully overcame his own challenges to become a skilled communicator by improving his emotional intelligence.  What we’ll cover:

  • Why technical skills aren’t enough to lead teams.
  • What is emotional intelligence and how does it contribute to the bottom line?
  • Can leadership really be coached or are people just the way they are?
  • How do you change technical people to be better communicators?

Terry candidly talks about his own ah-ha moment, the struggles he encountered and the secrets he discovered to develop deep and long lasting relationships with peers, staff and clients.

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Year Published: 2019

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