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Copyrights and Wrongs: Who Owns Your Documents?

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Negotiating contracts is not getting any easier.  The contracts are getting longer and more complicated.  You are plagued with redlining onerous provisions (something they did not teach in engineering school), all while fearing that asking for too much may jeopardize your ability to secure the job.  Ownership of documents does not rank on the top 10 of your must-have provisions.  Yet more and more, Owners and Clients are demanding complete and unlimited license for the use of your instruments of service, and restricting you from using those instruments in any future work you may have - - and all without the benefit of additional fees or even protection against the misuse of the data.

The fact is that the instruments you produce contain intellectual property that encompasses your special skills and experience.  The designs you prepare are typically unique to a project, a site, a set of conditions and a program.  They are not intended to be reused on a whim and certainly without extensive consideration of the specific characteristics of a different project.  And you certainly did not intend to give your work away free.  In short, your designs are valuable to both you and your Client during contract negotiations and beyond.

This webinar will provide an overview of copyright law and its application to design professional plans, a sampling of relevant contract provisions and pitfalls, and insurability ramifications of your decisions regarding document ownership.  You will be better armed at the negotiating table with knowledge of:

  • What rights you are afforded under the law regarding your instruments of service;
  • What rights to your designs your client may have by virtue of payment for your services;
  • What rights you might be giving away by contract;
  • How to use contract provisions regarding ownership of your plans as leverage in getting paid;
  • How to minimize and allocate risk associated with the use and misuse of your instruments of service;
  • What your professional liability insurance covers, and does not cover, based on your decisions regarding document ownership.
Product Details:
Author(s): Forsberg Atha
Pons-Bunney Jacqueline Carol

Year Published: 2015

Number of Pages:
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