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Email – The 7 Deadly Sins

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With email as a primary method of communication, this typically productive tool may become a self-implicating weapon that leads to, or exacerbates, a claim.  

With real life claim examples, the audience will recognize emails that caused miscommunication, exacerbated an issue, and inculpated the sender in a claim. 

This program identifies the 7 Deadly Sins of Email: Self-criticism, Blaming, Complaining, Colloquialism, Thoughtlessness, Self-indulgence, and TMI (too much information), offers examples of each, and shows how each one led the sender into a claim hell.


  • Recognize email communication that could create a misunderstanding, exacerbate an issue, or implicate the sender in a claim
  • Through the study of emails from actual claims, Identify inappropriate text and consider alternative methods of communication
  • Explore best practices for writing well-drafted emails to communicate clear and concise messages
  • Learn a litmus test to evaluate your own emails before sending them (as well as preemptive actions to take after sending an email that fails the litmus test)
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Year Published: 2018

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