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Client Expectations of Perfection: Shifting a Perilous Paradigm

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Client Expectations of Perfection: Shifting a Perilous Paradigm
Speakers: Karen Erger, Lockton Companies and Christine Drage, Weil & Drage
Recorded: Thursday, June 28, 2012
Length: 90 minutes
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Although the law does not require perfect performance from engineers, project owners often seek to establish perfection as the standard of care for their projects. Although not a new problem, a difficult economy has exacerbated the situation.

Engineers who balk at signing one-sided and unfair contracts are more likely than ever to get a response like: "If you don't want to sign it, another engineer will." In these economic times, that statement is more likely than ever to be true. And even when expectations of perfection are unstated, they often emerge in the form of disappointed clients, unpaid fees, and professional liability claims.

In this June 28 webinar, Karen Erger, VP and Director of Practice Risk Management, Lockton Companies, LLC, and Christine Drage, Partner, Weil & Drage, APC, will describe important strategies for addressing this challenge head-on. Participants will hear why the legal standard of care is not-and cannot be-perfection, and why professional liability insurance coverage does not guarantee defect-free professional service. Presenters will describe in detail the tools and tactics needed to explain the facts of life to clients and defeat pervasive client misconceptions such as:
Engineers warrant their designs to be defect-free
  • Change orders are unnecessary and are caused by design error when they happen
  • All extra project costs, even betterment, are the engineers responsibility
  • Insurance will cover an engineer's promise of perfect performance
  • Professional engineering services are products or commodities and thus guaranteed
Presenters will also identify steps that engineers can take to prevent inflated expectations from forming in the first place, and outline actions engineers can take to make their firms, colleagues, and the community at large aware of the proper role and true responsibilities of the professional engineer.
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