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Strategic Planning — Don’t Waste Your Time!

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A strategic plan, on its best day, is worth the paper it’s written on.  But the act of strategic planning can be invaluable in building a high-velocity firm— one that is continually learning, improving, and achieving sustainable growth.

If you are going to invest time, money, and effort into strategic planning, make sure you work on things that matter.  Otherwise, you’ll do far more harm than good.

In this webinar, you will first learn how to prepare the firm’s key leaders and managers to effectively collaborate in building the firm’s strategic plan by focusing on trust, decision-making, and problem-solving.  Preparing your team for strategic planning means producing leaders who own the firm’s overall performance (not just their own slice of the firm), the experience all clients have with the firm, and his or her own experience in the company. 

Next you will learn how to create a meaningful mission that’s more than mom and apple pie, declare a compelling vision that inspires change, develop central strategies for managing your firm in its key business areas, and establish realistic goals as well as specific, doable actions. 

Finally, you will be introduced to the power of language and the role it can play in creating the kinds of conversations that will help your leaders collaboratively get important things done.  The result?  A firm that is a better consultant for its clients, a better place to work for its staff, and a better investment for its owners.

Learning Objectives:


  • How to get your team “strategic planning ready”
  • How to structure your plan around “thinking big” yet “acting small”
  • How to use language to follow through and get things done
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Author(s): Goodale Mark

Year Published: 2015

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