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Creating a Social Media Policy Fall 2014

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When it comes to social media for professional service firms, there seems to be two camps - those who fully embrace it and those that avoid it at all costs. The firms that avoid it often do so because they are afraid of the consequences.

No matter what camp you fall in to, social media can't be ignored. Your employees are using it in some way even if it isn't a company standard. "Creating a Social Media Policy" focuses on the essential workflow that every firm needs to be successful when using these online tools. Having a policy in place empowers your staff to be the firm's most publicly vocal cheerleaders while protecting the firm overall from detractors that could have an overall negative impact on the firm's bottom line. 

During the session, we'll review a sample social media policy. We'll explain the purpose of the following sections and how to create a customized policy for your firm: 


  •  Firm Values
  • Roles
  • Approved Content
  • Monitoring Your Firm's Presence
  • Privacy
  • Consequences of Breaking the Rules


Product Details:
Author(s): Brett Johnson and Leila Johnson, Data-Scribe

Year Published: 2014

Number of Pages: 21
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