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Win/Loss Debriefs: Best Practices and Maximizing ROI

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In the business development realm, it can literally be the $1 million question: “Why did we lose this project?” But loss debriefs can be difficult, awkward, and ego-bruising.  Conversely, if we’ve won a project, what’s the value in finding out why? Let’s just get to work! Conducing win/loss debriefs is part art, part science…but one of the most valuable and important business processes to master. Through this workshop, learn:


  • Beyond the obvious: why debrief after a loss?
  • Teeing up the process to maximize results
  • What questions should you ask?
  • Most common mistakes made and how to avoid them
  • 5 critical pieces of intel to gather when debriefing after a win—and what to do with this intel


Product Details:
Author(s): Friedman Richard

Year Published: 2014

Number of Pages: 22
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