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Creating a Financially Intelligent Culture: Three Common Pitfalls to Avoid

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The following are true of every firm in our industry: Profit and cash flow are good and necessary for a sustainable business, surprises are bad for business, and the daily decisions of employees have a huge effect on profit, cash flow, and surprises.

A financially intelligent culture at its simplest is the connecting of daily employee decisions to the short and long term health of the business. It is about teaching, organizing, and incentivizing everyone in the company to think and act like business owners.

This session will explore three commonly accepted approaches to business and finance that may in fact be pitfalls that are sabotaging your financial health and your ability to build a financially intelligent culture. We will then discuss simple foundational habits that firms are employing to position their firms for long-term financial health regardless of the shifting business climate.

Learning Objectives:

  • What does a financially intelligent Culture look like within an engineering firm
  • What are three pitfalls that prevent firms from building a financially intelligent culture
  • How to overcome these pitfalls and position your firm for long-term financial health
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Year Published: 2016

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