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Eliminate the Bottlenecks from Team’s Performance: Developing Successful and Effective Team Environments

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Your firm is made up of many teams. Project teams, marketing teams, management teams ... the list goes on. And your firm's success depends on how well the members of these teams work together.

Yet too often we oversee projects that exceed schedules or budgets, need to enter redesign phases, or simply fail to achieve the level of collaboration and knowledge sharing that's expected - and no improvements are made for the next project.

How do you remove the bottlenecks in your team's success?

Join Paul Chinowsky to identify the key factors needed to form successful teams as well as the organization roadbloacks that undermine team performance. Using project and organization teams as core examples, you'll also learn how to maximize network effectiveness by presenting the human, organization, and strategic elements required to support and enhance team performance. 


  • Understand the concepts of project/organization networks and how they affect team dynamics and success
  • Identify individual team member and organization influences on team success and why teams often fail to meet expectations
  • Evaluate teams in your own organization and the factors that are affecting their success
  • Develop a strategic initiative to improve team development within your organization


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Year Published: 2017

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