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The Leadership Advantage - Producing Leaders from Within

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Consulting engineering firms have been historically entrepreneurial endeavors led and managed by a handful of people.  And as these firms grow, they tend to frequently recruit and attract people who are experts, but in limited areas. There may be little thought of looking for future leaders, and so the people hired are often not interested or inclined to be leaders.  The successful firms, those that are around long enough to require a change in leadership and ownership, are stuck unless they have been developing a pipeline of staff with the appetite, risk profile, and behaviors to eventually take the reins.

Where are you going to find the folks who represent your firm’s future?  Many are working for you already.  Join us and learn how to develop people who can and will act in ways that take care of the company as you take care of it today— people who take responsibility for their experience of working in the company, the experience clients have with your firm, and the overall success of your organization.

Learning Objectives: 

  • 1.  Learn how to surface leadership in your firm vs. “anointing” leaders for whom there may or may not be buy-in.
  • 2.  Learn the behaviors that, together, bring about a leadership culture.
  • 3.  Learn to get your next-generation leaders focused on generating value and eliminating waste throughout your organization. 


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Author(s): Goodale Mark

Year Published: 2015

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