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Managing Project Risks: Quantifying and Pricing Delays and Inefficiencies

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Of all the things that can go wrong on a project, measuring and pricing delays and inefficiencies are among the most challenging. Too often, these are things that we end up fighting about.  The objective of this webinar is to give participants the knowledge and tools they need to quantify and price these impacts and avoid needless friction. 

This webinar is organized as follows:

  • Measuring delays
    • The critical path
    • Float
    • Methods of measurement
      • Prospective method
      • Retrospective method
  • Measuring inefficiency
    • Defining productivity
    • Defining inefficiency
    • Measuring inefficiency
      • The “measured mile” method
      • Other methods
  • Pricing delays
    • Labor
    • Equipment
    • Material
    • Overhead
      • Field office
      • Home office
  • Pricing inefficiency
    • Labor
    • Equipment
    • Overhead

Learning objectives:

  • how to identify and quantify critical project delays
  • how to quantify inefficiencies using the preferred “measured mile” approach
  • how to price delays for full recovery
  • how to use the results of the measured mile analysis
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Year Published: 2016

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