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Sharpen Your Communication Skills! 2014

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Engineers have the reputation of being notoriously weak in basic communications skills like writing and public speaking.  That reputation is largely unfair.  Most engineers have the ability to be excellent communicators but they suffer from three things:  1) Bad habits they have developed over time, 2) Bad examples they see from other engineers, and 3) Lack of confidence.

This webinar will address all forms of communication commonly used by engineers: Formal writing for things like proposals, blogs, and technical documents; informal writing for electronic  communications like texting and e-mails; public speaking for making presentations of all kinds; and one-on-one verbal communication for networking.

For whatever reason, many engineers share the same bad writing habits.  They often do things like start sentences with the phrase “As such”.  They overuse CAPITALIZATION and exclamation marks!  Many communications from engineers tend to be much too long and are full of run-on sentences.  We will identify common mistakes like this and offer ways to cure the bad habits which cause engineers to write the way they do We will also offer some useful rules-of-thumb that will improve your writing.

There will be a number of exercises in this webinar in which you will read actual sentences drawn from various forms of documents created by engineers.  You will determine what is wrong with each of those sentences and select a better alternative.

You don’t have to be William Shakespeare to be a good writer in this business, but you do have to be clear and direct. This webinar will show you how to do that.

Webinar Benefits and Learning Outcomes


  • Identify common mistakes many engineers make in their written communications and how you can avoid making those mistakes
  • Refresher on some key fundamentals of writing you probably learned in elementary school but have since forgotten
  • Specific focus on how to write the kinds of things engineers need to use all the time—most particularly proposals, e-mails, texting, and technical documents.


Who Should Attend

This webinar will benefit anyone in your firm who has to communicate in writing.  In other words—anyone can benefit from participating in this webinar.  
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