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Project Delivery – Stand It on Its Head!

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Project Management training and certification has been on the front burner for many organizations and across industries for the better part of two decades. In large part, this  arises out of a deep dissatisfaction with project outcomes and the toll on project performers to deliver projects. The usual training doesn't work. At best it helps us cope in a broken system. Something different is required.    The fundamental issue is the inconsistency in the theory and practice of project management. Modern project management is based on an engineering view of the world for understanding and operating in a physical world. In short, it is a reductionist and deterministic view. While this works just fine for designing structures and spaces, it has nothing to do with having people act in concert with each to get that work done. The alternative is a commitment-based view of human action. The goal of this session is show folks what it takes to produce an environment where managers a) see where things are broken and b) can’t help but immediately address those problems when they see them.  In this industry, our managers hardly ever behave this way. They think their work is the technical report they are writing or the survey they are reviewing, and they are blind to just about everything else. It's time to rattle cages and change the way work gets done.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the implications of “Failure Demand” on your firm (a demand on the labor of your company during the delivery of projects or even following it, that is a result of failure in one of your processes)
  • Understand how and why your focus on utilization is actually distracting you from reaching your efficiency goals
  • Learn how to immediately get on the road to continuous improvement
Product Details:
Author(s): Goodale Mark

Year Published: 2015

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