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Are You Fighting Fires Instead of Managing Your Employees (Fall 2014)

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Every engineering or technical manager knows how important it is to be available to assist their subordinates.  If they did not have the knowledge and experience to do that, probably someone else would have their position.  Too often though, the manager does an inadequate job of delegating various tasks and responsibilities. This leads to the ever present problem of subordinates bringing their managers multiple “fires” for the manager to put out or at least play a major role in extinguishing the flames.  Your employees will never realize their potential as long they can rely on you to do their firefighting for them.  This webinar will explore this problem in detail and help you understand the proper methods to get out of the firefighting business.

Webinar Benefits and Learning Outcomes:


  • Understand why managers become firefighters
  • Realize the detrimental effect your firefighting has on the professional development of your staff
  • Know the specific steps to train your people to fight their own fires
  • Understand the two most important things a manager must do and how they relate to firefighting
  • Realize how firefighting and coaching are different
  • Understand how proper delegation gets rid of the firefighting syndrome


 Assessment of Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes for each attendee will be measured by their ceasing most firefighting activities within a three month period.  A short True/ False quiz will be sent to all attendees to measure their understanding of why stopping this practice is very important and how to stop it.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar will benefit anyone in the firm who is responsible for the performance of other employees, from staff engineers, department or division  managers, project managers, and the firm’s executive,
Product Details:
Author(s): Bates Gary D.

Year Published: 2014

Number of Pages: 28
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