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How to Win a Pitch: The Fundamentals That Will Distinguish You From Your Competition on the Short-List

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You took the time to pre-sell and build a solid relationship with a prospective client. Your proposal was well-received, you were deemed highly qualified, and you were invited to interview. As the date drew near, you prepared a dazzling slide deck, covering the history of your firm, bios of your key team members, a plethora of relevant previous experience, and a detailed technical approach to successfully completing the project on time and within budget. You left no stone unturned in your quest to ensure the client would select you.   

And in the end, they chose another firm. Sound familiar?

The biggest challenge in a sales presentation is not convincing the client that you’re qualified; it’s separating yourself from your highly qualified competitors by creating a better connection with the audience. Join Speechworks for a highly engaging session that focuses on the fundamentals that you must execute better than your competition if you want to consistently improve your chances of winning in these situations. The takeaway for participants will be a solid understanding of how to:

  • Identify and craft simple, listener-centered messages
  • Develop a personal delivery style that allows you to better connect with your audience
  • Prepare for and answer questions in a way that inspires confidence
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