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The BackPocket! Business Plan: Outrageously Simple Business Planning for Extraordinary Business Results

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Everyone knows something about business planning, and some know a whole lot. So why is it that so many plans simply don’t work? Most plans are too long, too average, or too boring. Consensus is weak, implementation is poor, and real business results just aren’t achieved. Too many managers are distracted by a noisy world, overly-focused on short term challenges, and all too reluctant to choose a bold path forward.  Sound familiar?  What’s really needed now is a radically new approach to business planning in the firm.  Leaders and staff need a plan and process that is much, much shorter, laser-focused, and extraordinarily useful in the business.  What’s needed is the Back Pocket! Business Plan!  Please join this engaging, entertaining, and highly relevant presentation on the secrets of better business planning today - and begin your transformative journey now toward outrageously simple business planning - and extraordinary business results.

Session Outline:

  • The State of Business Planning Today
  • The Fast Future World Ahead (It’s Already Here)
  • Why Most Business Plans Don’t Work
  • Top Secrets for Creating a Better Business Plan
  • Eureka! A Business Plan in Your Back Pocket!
  • Simple Template - Using the BackPocket! Business Plan Approach
  • First Steps - Outrageously Simple Business Planning (and Extraordinary Business Results)

Learning Objectives

  • Uncover the major pitfalls of business plans today, and learn how the change in our future ahead will exacerbate current planning shortcomings.
  • Share and discuss with one another their own business (or marketing) planning experiences, to further illuminate what works - and what doesn’t.
  • Discover the key success secrets of business plans that really work, and how they can implement these techniques in their own business and marketing planning.
  • Explore (and practice) how to use the new, radical, and outrageously simple BackPocket! business plan approach - for extraordinary planning results.
Product Details:
Author(s): Doehring John

Year Published: 2015

Number of Pages:
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