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Improve Your Mental Flexibility for Making Better Team Decisions

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The older a person becomes, the more of a rut we get into in the way we think. This affects the way in which we make decisions that relate to our personal lives as well how it effects others, especially when we are part of a team environment.

Thought processes that we developed ten or thirty years ago still control our lives and the manner in which we make decisions today. Mostly we have become ineffective thinkers. Mental flexibility is one of the hallmarks of effective thinkers and good decision makers. Mental flexibility is a way of approaching all of life’s situations (both business and personal) in a manner that allows you to adapt your behavior or responses so you can achieve the best outcomes to all decisions. This webinar will reopen old doors to new ways of thinking and the skills required to do it more effectively to make all your decisions better. 


  • Understand the barriers in your current thought processes
  • Get to know the ways in which better thinking makes you a better listener
  • Realize how mental flexibility can improve your personal and business relationships as well as making better decisions
  • Understand how your attitude impacts your thinking in dealing with others
  • Become aware of more alternatives to problems that arise
  • Understand how your biases and prejudices (we all have them) may be having a negative impact on your effectiveness in all of your life’s various roles
  • Grow to understand the benefits of other’s points of view


The learning outcomes for each attendee will be measured by their willingness to adapt to the thinking techniques presented in the webinar. Additionally there will be a series of exercises given in the appendices to do after the webinar. These exercises will require discussion with other attendees to maximize their benefit for many if not all of your team decisions


This webinar will benefit anyone that wants to improve their thought processes and make better decisions, but especially those charged with the management and leadership of the firm.


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Year Published: 2016

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