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Yes! You Can Make Proposals That Win (Almost) Every Time Just Follow the Doctor’s RX

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We all know by now that winning proposals has become the lifeblood of almost any engineering firm. Yet, most firms continue to submit proposals that are, in a word, terrible. They go about making them in a disorganized way and the results are all too often almost unreadable. Beyond that, most firms waste a significant amount of overhead dollars in making one losing proposal after another. The Yes! You Can Make Proposals That Win (Almost) Every Time webinar will show you a simple approach to change that—right now.

You’ll meet and learn from Ken Tichacek, who is well known as the Proposal Doctor. Working on his own and through his affiliation with PSMJ Resources, Inc., the Doctor has helped engineering firms submit a countless number of winning proposals and achieve hit rates well above 75%.

During this webinar, the Doctor will write you a prescription that will cure your sick proposals if you follow each of these ten clear steps:

  • Walk in your client’s shoes—Understand what the client really needs and wants (You won’t find that in the RFP)
  • Go to any length you can to be different, to stand out in ways that are important to your client (Unless you’d rather be a commodity)
  • Position yourself to win long before the RFP is issued
  • Grow and nurture your leads like you grow and nurture your garden
  • Chase less—win more
  • Create a powerful proposal machine
  • Say something worthwhile
  • Make your proposal easy to look at
  • You don’t have to be Shakespeare, but make your proposal easy to read, too
  • Improve your proposal one element at a time—from front cover to back
The webinar will show you some very good, and some not so good, proposals. It will be a highly interactive event, and will even include exercises that will help you write a powerful cover letter before the webinar is over.

Webinar Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • The ten-step process you will learn will benefit your firm in immediate and measurable ways. You will win more work and spend less time and money doing it.
  • You will learn how to create a competitive advantage for your firm even before the RFP comes out.
  • You will learn how to go about making proposals in a way that is efficient and organized, and less painful for all involved.
  • You will learn how to make your proposal more than a simple series of responses to questions posed by the RFP. Your proposals will become compelling stories that tell how you are going to help the client achieve their goals.

Who Should Attend

This webinar will be extremely beneficial to anyone in your firm who is involved in any aspect of proposal making—from pre-RFP intelligence gathering, to developing proposal strategies and preparing proposal documents. Whether you are a principal, project manager, business developer, marketing specialist, or someone just interested in how to make better proposals, you will leave this seminar with powerful tools and techniques which will make you significantly more valuable to your firm.

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Year Published: 2015

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