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Prepare to Win! Preparing Your Team for a Successful Interview

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Congratulations, Your team made the shortlist and you’ve been invited to interview!

You spent months positioning your team. You met with the decision-makers multiple times. You put together the ideal team. You wrote a tightly client-focused proposal. You can’t lose, right?

Wrong! Experience has proven that more projects are lost in the interview than are won there.

Once you have made it to the interview, the decision-makers know you are qualified. It is no longer about your qualifications. Now it is their opportunity to choose the team they really want to work with.

In most firms, Principals and the delivery team are the face of their company in a project interview. But every layer of your marketing team supports them in this critical step. What can each team member do better to help them to:

  • First, tell the right story and make it personal.
  • Tell it convincingly and with confidence.
  • Answer the questions they are most concerned with and answer them well.
  • Be ready for those “curve ball” interviews
  • Let them see who you really are; the team they most want to work with.

This session is not a speaking or platform skills course. It is a program to help marketing managers, coordinators, marketing directors, presentation coaches and principals as well as the key presentation team members with real world insights to each layer of tasks that must be mastered to win the project. Steve will walk through each stage of preparation and discuss how you can better prepare the interview team to peak performance at this critical stage in the selection process.

Learning Objectives:

  • Interviews are about connecting on an emotional level with the decision makers. Learn how that connection influences the decision-maker and how to enhance it.
  • Interviews are “about story telling. ” The key to is to tell the right story. Learn how to create a story that the decision-makers care about.
  • Interview panels what to feel confident in their choice. Learn how to build team confidence through  productive rehearsal processes.
  • Panels want know how well you handle challenges. Learn how to enhance their confidence in your team through effective Q&A and responding confidently to challenge interview formats.

Attendees told us:

“Great content. I learned the proper procedure for doing an interview. It was totally different than I expected and the way we have been doing it for years.”

“We’ll be using the PSOE analysis tool to develop and focus on client's benefit in an interview.”

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Year Published: 2016

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