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Strategies for Managing Interruptions: Getting Work Done in an Interrupted World

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We live in a world of interruptions – a world that has become even more “interruptive” with the prominence of text messaging, smart phones, email and social media. A recent study even found that the average American office professional may be losing an hour or more of productivity each work day simply due to interruptions. However, interruptions have been and always will be a part of business – sometimes even a critical part of an effectively-running workplace.  How can you better manage interruptions, limit distraction from them, and yet still be appropriately responsive to key stakeholders, customers, and co-workers?  This live audio conference will discuss strategies on how to do just that!

Key Learning Items:

- Gain an Understanding of the True “Cost” and Possible Value of Interruptions

- Learn a Key and Easy-to-Use Strategy for Managing Unexpected Interruptions of Any Sort

- Get Back to Your Previous Projects/Tasks More Quickly Through Simple Habits and Planning

- Keep “Electronic Interruptions” – Email, Social Media, Text Messaging – Under Control and in Proper Perspective

- Find Ways to Create “Interruption-Free” Zones in Both Your Office and on Your Calendar for Deeper Focus and Productivity

- Manage Those Most Likely to Interrupt You Frequently so Their Contacts With You Are More Organized and Less Disruptive

- Use Proper Push Back With Interrupters so They Can Understand Your Response, Your Priorities, and, If Necessary, Your Reply (Including Appropriate Deadlines) to Their Interruption Request
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Author(s): Dean Randy

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