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Greenhouse Gas Accounting for Engineers

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Delivery Method: Online Seminar
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Date: May 1, 2012
Faculty: van Soestbergen Mark, International Carbon Bank and Exchange
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Greenhouse Gas Accounting for Engineers
Mastering the GHG Protocol / ISO 14064-1 Fundamentals

In the context of national and international greenhouse gas regulations and trends, this course focuses on how to measure, manage and report GHG emissions in conformance with widely accepted international standards – the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard and ISO-14064-1. Using many real world examples and challenging exercises, the course should prepare engineering consultants for GHG based scenarios in corporate, industrial, municipal, agricultural and power generation settings.

Course participants will learn about GHG sources and characteristics, understand the various GHG inventory standards, know how to gather relevant data, train how to convert data into GHGs and categorize them, and be able to create and maintain baseline years for benchmarking organizational GHGs.

The course also takes the audience through many national and international reporting examples and by the end of the course learners will know how to use energy conversion tables, will be able to translate BTUs to carbon for various energy inputs, be familiar with English to Metric conversions, know where to locate and how to utilize online resources that address geographically unique carbon coefficients, and be able to organize the emissions impact from electricity use of various renewable and traditional fossil feed stocks.

Duration: 12 ~ 16 hrs


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