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Supplier Directory Search Result:
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Name: 5 Factor Technology, LLC
Primary Contact: Roger Lee
Primary Contact Email: rlee@5factortech.com
Address: 7215 New Territory Blvd Ste 100
Sugar Land, TX 77479-6833
Phone: Phone: (713)714-3524
Website: http://www.5factortech.com
Category: Technology - Software
Description: 5 Factor is a strategy-first, service-focused, innovative provider of technology. We founded 5 Factor to serve A/E/C clients hassle-free, hands-off technology services. We specialize in Information Security and compliance and design support in addition to providing exceptional end user support. 5 Factor elevates the technology experience.
Name: AccountabilIT
Primary Contact: Claire Spahr
Primary Contact Email: claire.spahr@accountabilit.com
Address: 8660 E Hartford DR Ste 110
Scottsdale, AZ 85255-2581
Phone: Phone: (866)407-1306
Website: https://www.accountabilit.com/
Category: Technology - Website Services
Technology - Hardware
Technology – Cloud Service Provider
Technology - Software
Description: AccountabilIT is a managed IT Service Provider and Managed Security Services Provider. We provide managed cybersecurity services to many companies across industries but we specialize in working with Engineering firms. We specialize in the Microsoft security stack and our solution is scalable to any size organization.
Name: ACEC Business Insurance Trust
Primary Contact: Mary Erchul
Primary Contact Email: mary.erchul@acecbit.org
Address: 6 Cityplace DR Ste 900
Saint Louis, MO 63141-7194
Phone: Phone: (949)842-9797
Website: http://www.acecbit.org
Category: Insurance - Business Insurance
Description: Since 1983 the ACEC BIT has partnered with brokers and insurers to provide insurance programs and solutions tailored for ACEC member firms, big and small. Greyling Insurance Brokerage, a division of EPIC, is the endorsed broker and program administrator for the ACEC BIT. Greyling was designed for design professionals and represents many of the ENR Top 500 and over one thousand engineering firms of varying sizes throughout the United States.
Name: ACEC Life/Health Trust
Primary Contact: Mark Van Elden
Primary Contact Email: mark.vanelden@aceclht.com
Address: 9950 Woodloch Forest DR Ste 1550
The Woodlands, TX 77380-4333
Phone: Phone: (972)370-7480
Fax: Fax: (972)731-4373
Website: http://www.uhctoday.com
Category: Insurance - Life/Health Insurance
Description: The ACEC Life/Health Trust is an Association Health Plan that has been serving ACEC Member firms since 1965. We offer affordable, high quality health plans to over 1,300 ACEC Member firms nationwide.
Name: ACEC Retirement Trust
Primary Contact: Deborah Stevens
Primary Contact Email: deb.stevens@acecrt.com
Address: 6403 Store House Court
Centreville, VA 20121
Phone: Phone: (703)402-6609
Website: http://www.acecrt.com
Category: Financial Planning & Services - Retirement Planning
Description: The ACEC Retirement Trust Built by engineers, for engineers, the ACEC Retirement Trust offers a 401(k) program only accessible to ACEC members. Unparalleled fiduciary support, the power of scale to gain access to institutional grade investment and extremely low fees, and a top-rated participant experience with a financial wellness and advice program round out some of the many unique benefits of the ACEC Retirement Trust program. Visit us in our kiosk during the conference, at our informational session, and online at acecrt.com.
Name: AEC Business Solutions, LLC
Primary Contact: June R. Jewell
Primary Contact Email: jjewell@aecbusiness.com
Address: 11654 Plaza America Dr Ste 634
Reston, VA 20190-4700
Phone: Phone: (877)356-9420
Website: http://aecbusiness.com
Category: Consultants - Business Management
Description: AEC Business Solutions offers the Find the Lost Dollars training program, the RAISE Your Value workshop, and financial and strategic planning consulting services to increase profitability, improve business processes and systems, and help your firm get better clients and higher fees. We only work with Architecture and Engineering Firms and have expertise in Deltek systems. Our programs are guaranteed to increase profits.
Primary Contact: Shaun Leeper
Primary Contact Email: shaunl@aeciq.com
Address: 985 Lincoln Way Ste 204
Auburn, CA 95603-5255
Phone: Phone: (916)412-6402
Website: http://www.aeciq.com
Category: Technology - Website Services
Human Resources - Recruitment Services
Description: AECIQ provides enables talent acquisition platform. Research to identify entire candidate poll and outreach to clients top prospects with guaranteed interviews. ZERO placement fees for hires.
Name: Aldrich CPAs + Advisors LLP
Primary Contact: Diana (DeWitt) Strassmaier
Primary Contact Email: dstrassmaier@aldrichadvisors.com
Address: 5665 Meadows RD Ste 200
Lake Oswego, OR 97035-3131
Phone: Phone: (503)620-4489
Fax: Fax: (503)624-0817
Website: https://aldrichadvisors.com
Category: Accounting & Tax Services
Consultants - Strategic Planning
Consultants - Finance
Financial Planning & Services - Retirement Planning
Consultants - Business Management
Description: The Aldrich Group of Companies offers a broad range of financial services for businesses from traditional accounting, auditing and tax compliance to business valuation, wealth management, business transitions, financial due diligence, international tax planning, employee benefit and retirement plan services. We also work closely with business owners and individuals to manage their financial, wealth and tax planning strategies. Members of our AEC group specialize in audits and consulting regarding Indirect Cost/Overhead Rates.
Name: Allied World Insurance Company
Primary Contact: Douglas K Hamilton
Primary Contact Email: douglas.hamilton@awac.com
Address: 199 Water Street 24th Floor
New York, NY 10038
Phone: Phone: (312)646-7709
Website: https://www.awac.com
Description: With a broad appetite for most industry disciplines and as a part of the Construction vertical, Allied World provides practice and project policy expertise within the construction industry, including: Architects and Engineers Professional Liability, Constructors Professional Liability, Project Specific Coverage and Owners Protective Professional Indemnity.
Name: Ames & Gough Insurance/Risk Management Inc.
Primary Contact: Matt Gough
Primary Contact Email: mgough@amesgough.com
Address: 8300 Greensboro Dr Suite 980
McLean, VA 22102-3605
Phone: Phone: (703)827-2277
Fax: Fax: (703)827-2279
Website: http://www.amesgough.com
Category: Insurance - Business Insurance
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